Growth needs values

Our adhesive bonds contain many ingredients


Advanced globalisation is opening up many promising new opportunities for us. Opportunities that we are keen to take advantage of. The Lohmann Group has everything it needs to achieve this: 160 years of tradition, impressive adhesive bonds and, last but not least, employees who act according to a clearly established set of values. Growth needs values .


Commitment and accountability characterise our company. This is based on having the freedom to make confident and authoritative decisions. The responsibility of each individual is at the heart of what we do. We don't just talk about responsibility, we act accordingly.


Entrepreneurial thinking is vital for continuous growth. We promote a readiness to assume risk, commitment and initiative amongst our employees. Strategic thinking and the will to break new ground are an inherent part of all our entrepreneurial actions.

Global Thinking

We see the world as a network. Our global business and relationships safeguard the growth of our group and our competitiveness. We always consider the global situation, even when we are acting locally. We respond to the requirements of our customers globally and promote intercultural cooperation with pan-regional teams.


The high degree of motivation of our employees ensures our high levels of performance and is a decisive competitive factor. We follow our ambitious targets systematically and produce added-value solutions for our customers. Transparent and clear communication is part of this.


Trust is the basis for a creative and forward-looking way of working. Lohmann-koester advocates openness and tolerance. We can only be successful as a team. We express our opinions openly, provide comprehensive information and promote inter-divisional thinking and acting. We maintain trustworthy relations with all our stakeholders.