Reliabilty thanks to innovative closure systems

Always feel safe and protected

When it comes to incontinence briefs special requirements need to be taken into consideration. Reliable adhesion, easy handling and the ability to reseal the closures without any problems are high on the list of requirements. Our closure systems Flex Hook® Lines, adhesive and mechanical tapes as well as our Combi Tapes ensure exactly this: With modular as well as customized incontinence closures for varios target groups and areas of application. Reliabilty thanks to innovative closure systems

Our adhesive closure systems for incontinence briefs are the optimal product for proven and economical needs. They safely adhere to PE backsheets and can be produced in different colors, shapes and sizes for you.

  • good functionality on all PE backsheets
  • strong hold on coated frontal tapes
  • strong initial tack
  • reclosability
  • 2 and 3-ply
  • available in different colors and sizes

Our mechanical closure systems for incontinence briefs are the ideal product for your highly sophisticated and innovative diapers. Our solutions offer strongest hold on your diaper and can be customized according to your needs. Our Flex Hook® Lines guarantee highest flexibility and strongest hold. Our combined products, so called Combi Tapes guarantee safest hold thanks to hooks and adhesive areas. Our elastic and mechanical products allow for a perfect fitting. What is more, our nonwoven straps offer excellent softness and highest comfort.

  • elastic and non-elastic mechanical tapes
  • soft nonwoven straps for softest touch
  • perfect hook function and more softness as well as flexibility through Flex Hook® Lines
  • Excellent hook function on all frontal tapes and nonwovens (frontal tape not necessary)
  • especially suitable for textile backsheets
  • ideal diaper closure through the combination of hooks and adhesive areas (Combi Tapes)
  • Excellent processability
  • 2 an 3-ply
  • available in different colors

Our super soft FlexEar® Elastic side panel makes your diaper even more soft, elastic and safe. Our FlexEar®, used as diaper ear, side panel for pull-ups or inserts in your diaper ensure that diapers fit so snugly that absolutely nothing gets past them, yet also remain flexible enough for your customers to feel protected.

  • elastic materials for diaper ears, inserts and pull-ups
  • exceptional softness
  • uniform surface for better touch
  • unique, totally elastic extrusion of products
  • highest elasticity
  • perfect resilience
  • skin-friendly
  • available in different colors for your differentiation
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